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Yes, Sonic is extremely ticklish, look at the facts:He has no Chest fur and clothes ... (Not sure?)In episode 24, In the Japanese dubbing, (Without censorship) when Amy takes the straw of his ears, he says: "Hehehe, ticklish!" (If you're not convinced, you're just a child without mind ...)Shadow will never be ticklish; He has more than 50 years. Persons over the age of 40 are not so sensitive! (You didn't know that?!)Think that Amy is extremely ticklish just by talking about the amount of images (poorly made) that she has, is the same thing as saying that the Harry Potter movie is better than the book ... (See reality, children ... But don't be suicidal like One Direction fans.)Tails, Cream, Charmy and Marine are the only children (Amy, Blaze, Silver and Sonic will be discarded by the reason of being more mature.) then we will remove them from the list.Sonic is the only character that has a line saying ticklish, (from what I remember, in Sonic Heroes...) But we will take it from here, because it is just a taunt.And also, just by the fact of how old the characters are, doesn't mean that they are more ticklish than the others, have mind!Knuckles is one of the only ones who could also be extremely ticklish.Girls aren't more ticklish than boys! I've seen several fights in which the boy is more sensitive, that's just an badly made excuse!If I see more ridiculous excuse made by fans (Oh and also, AlexiaNBC, no offense, but the arts that SHE make are poorly made ...) and also arts, I will edit this page again and again ... And no, I'm not crazy, I'm just tired of seeing retards on fandom of the blue bur!And also, to show how retarded you are ... If I say that Sonic is untoed, you will try to make stupid excuses...

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